About Us

Aish TLV offers multiple opportunities for young professionals of all backgrounds to learn more about the beauty and wisdom of their heritage, in a fun and non-judgmental environment.

The Aish TLV flagship program is L’Hitchaten B’kef, offering a full service Misrad HaDatot  -approved way to get married without going to the Rabbanut, making getting married in Israel enjoyable, easy and even meaningful! ( including evenings and Fridays )

Thousands of young couple participate annually in LHB and thousands more have enriched their understanding of Judaism and life through our general classes and holiday programs.


Aish TLV was established in 2008 and quickly became one of the TLV’s most happening places for young people to explore their heritage.   Our mission is to inspire people with pride in their heritage by sharing day to day wisdom from Jewish sources.

The Aish Approach

Aish believes Judaism is a source of wisdom for living for all people.

We oppose all forms of  k’fia datit, we simply open the books and share Jewish wisdom to whoever is interested.  We believe Judaism is not all or nothing, and belongs to all Jews, regardless of their beliefs or level of observance.


Aish TLV is a branch of Aish International, a global network of programs and projects offering informal Jewish studies to people on 5 continents for over 40 years.   Over 100,000 people participate in Aish programs each year.   Projects such as SpeedDating, HonestReporting, JWRP, Hasbara Fellowships are among the many spin-offs of Aish.  Our website aish.co.il or aish.com is the largest in the world offering Jewish insights to world and life cycle events, with over 500,000 subscribers.





Growing up in New York, I always had a dream to open up a great educational program in Israel.
Seeing assimilation in America made me sensitive to the importance of understanding our heritage.  We have so much to be proud of as Jews but so many people have no idea what is our own back yard. While this may seem a lot more important for American Jews, I believe it is not less important for Israelis to be proud of where they come from and to understand how Judaism can enrich their lives personally, not matter how religious they choose to be. This is especially important when it comes to marriage.

What should be such a positive Jewish experience has turned negative for so many in the current bureaucratic  system. We created “L’hitchaten b’kef” exactly as a positive alternative for every Israeli who wants to be sure that every aspect of their engagement and wedding is as fun and inspiring as it should be. I opened up Aish TLV in 2006 with my wife Efrat. We did it because we wanted to ensure that Tel Aviv had a place where young people could explore their heritage without any type of religious pressure or judgment, free of politics and the other usual baggage often associated with religion in this country. I’m pleased that Aish TLV has been so well received and that dozens of companies as well as thousands of individuals have participated in our classes, workshops and holiday programs.   I think we’ve added to the wonderful color that is Tel Aviv! With our new presence in WeWork, we are excited to welcome even more people to learn more about Judaism.  Our goal is to show everyone that Judaism is fun, interesting and enriching – and that there’s something for everyone!

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our programs soon!

Rabbi David Ziering

Founder and Managing Director

Aish TLV