Aish TLV hosts fun cultural and social events that emphasize the values of Judaism and the wisdom of Jewish sources for day-to-day life, providing inspiration for personal growth and public responsibility.   Our goal is that everyone, no matter what their beliefs or level of religion, should find a comfortable place to explore their heritage.
Our programs are directed towards secular Israelis and address the issues that are relevant to living life in the modern state of Israel.  We do not shy away from any of the tough issues or questions that many have and we welcome them all.  Our hope is that every participant will leave with a little inspiration from their contact with Jewish sources.
Aish TLV is a branch of an international organization that has 25 branches on 5 continents, offering creative informal educational programs to over 100,000 people every year.   Our 45 years of experience and our ability to draw on some of the top Jewish thinkers in the world gives our programming a unique depth and perspective.
The name derives from the name Aish HaTorah, the full name of the international organization of which Aish TLV is a member.   Literally meaning fire, it symbolizes the inspiration and passion of Judaism.   It expresses our belief that, like a flame, every human being can achieve great things and fulfill his/her inspirations while impacting the world around him.
Each Aish is unique and independent financially and administratively. There are over 35 Aishes around the globe each has its own programs and priorities, yet they all share the commitment to strengthen Jewish identity embodied in Rabbi Noah Weinberg’s Ztl vision- within the local community they cater and serve.
Aish International’s headquarter is in Jerusalem at the Aish HaTorah World Center .
To learn more about Aish HaTorah, visit its Page.
Aish Tel Aviv usually don’t charge membership fees. Aish Tel Aviv is supported by generous donors, foundations, federations and organizations. Learn more about supporting Aish Tel Aviv.
If you are an Israeli professional between 28-42 with leadership skills and civil society engagement, interested in our activities in Tel Aviv, the best way to get involved is to Contact us here
A Israel or US tax exempt donation to Aish Tel Aviv can help impact approximately 100,000 Israeli leading professionals in Israel’s business and cultural hub which are experiencing a growing abyss of knowledge concerning their Jewish heritage. With your support, Aish Tel Aviv provides leaders with meaningful learning experiences and spiritual, emotional and intellectual exchange; encouraging them to make an enduring commitment to strengthening Jewish people and engaging in Tikkun Olam. Your generous tax-deductible donation will enable us to continue enriching the lives of these Israelis. Please click here to donate now.
You can donate from different countries like Canada and the UK and not just from the US and Israel. Other countries are also possible. We suggest that you contact us here to receive more information.
“Ha’Am HaYehudi” or “American Friends of Ha’Am Ha’Yehudi B’Tel Aviv” are legal names we chose in order to be financially separated and legally distinguished from other Aish centers worldwide.