Register to get married

Getting married? Mazal Tov?

Aish Tel Aviv profoundly impacts approximately 2,000 couples annually who marry under the auspices of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate, which requires a basic class on Taharat HaMishpacha before it sanctions a marriage and issues a marriage certificate.

The success of Aish Tel Aviv in reaching young couples in the Tel Aviv area has convinced the Rabbinate to deepen their partnership with the organization and recognize Aish as its official representative, enabling us to broaden our services and offer thousands of young couples the option of registering for marriage at our center instead of the office of the Rabbinate.

Please request that we send you a form to fill in which you have to fill out, together with the form you should either send us by email (, whatsappp (contact us for the number), or bring in the following documents:

  1. Copy of Teudat Zehut including addendum
  2. 3 passport photos of both chatan and calla – or send us a nice photo or yourself by email or wassapp
  3. Parents' Marriage certificate or ketuba, or siblings marriage cerificate in Israel
  4. If you already have a rabbi you are using to marry you, we need a letter from him

Also bring with you payment – 709 NIS or 425 NIS if you are eligible for a discount (bring proof –current student /Army Sadir/ 2 years within Aliyah/ handicap)

When you have all the documents and have filled out the form please send it to us either by email or wassapp

We will let you know when we have the confirmation that everything is okay, and if we need anything else from you

Then once everything has been confirmed you can arrange a time to come for marriage hadracha ( at least 2 weeks before wedding ) and receive your Ketuba.

Hadracha in Aish Tel Aviv Center

Hadrachot are offered for the bride and groom together at our Aish Tel Aviv office, at WeWork, Ibn Gvirol 30, Tel Aviv with our fantastic madrichot.
The Hadrachot take place on Mondays from 19:30-21:00, Tuesdays from 18:30-20:00 and Fridays from 10:00 – 11:30.
The Hadracha is first separate and then joint.
You can either schedule here or call either the office: 03-5237362