Special endorsements

Rabbi Chaim Gedalia Zimbalist

Dayan at the Supreme Rabbinical Court

“I recommend to anyone who aims to strengthen the spirit of Judaism to contribute to this organization and may Hashem grant abundant blessing and success to all those who support their worthy efforts…I personally know Aish Tel Aviv’s Director Rabbi David Ziering, who works tirelessly with passionate dedication for that sublime purpose”.
 9th of Adar Alef 5774

Bill Clinton

42nd US President:

“Congratulations to Aish HaTorah on its 20th anniversary, and to its founder Rabbi Noah Weinberg, for success in educating Jews about the power of their history and the strength of their tradition.”

Steven Spielberg

Film director, producer, screenwriter

“Thank you Aish HaTorah for the good work you do and the message you put out. I could have used you in my life about 25 years ago.”

Chaim Herzog z”l

6th President of the State of Israel:

“Aish HaTorah has become a remarkably energetic and effective force for the transmission of the Jewish heritage.”



Elie Wiesel z”l

Author Nobel Prize Laureate

“Aish HaTorah means to me the passion of Torah, the passion of teaching, the passion of learning. The study of the Torah, the source of Jewish values, is the way to Jewish survival.”

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Senator, New York

“Aish HaTorah represents the voice of calm Torah reason in an all-too confused and polarized world. It has made historic contributions to Israeli society and world Jewry and it is my pleasure to identify with this splendid center of scholarship and communal involvement.”

Danny Ayalon

Former Deputy Foreign Minister and a member of the Knesset

“I love Aish. They are reaching out and teaching not just about Jewish history and tradition, but they instill a pride in being Jewish. I appreciate not only the religious tenacity, but also their national pride, which to me are really inseparable aspects of Jewish identity.”